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Malcolm! FAQ

Malcolm! FAQ is a powerful featured packed knowledge base which lets your customers self serve and quickly find the answer to their question.

It’s easy to set up, quick to customise and a doddle to administer.
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Fast, powerful search
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Intelligent autocomplete/type ahead functionality
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Desktop, tablet and mobile responsive
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Multiple browse options including categories, tags, popular, trending, recently added, recently viewed and user favourite FAQs
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User ratings
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User feedback
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Send FAQ to email
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Powerful and easy to use web based administration
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Easily create and manage FAQ content with WYSIWYG and markdown editors
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Include your own media in FAQs (images, videos, PDF’s etc)
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Version control, draft and preview management
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Scheduled publishing
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Organise your FAQ’s internally with labels and favourites
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Manage internal users & their editing / publishing privileges, audit trail of all changes
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Internal approval management
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Search engine friendly with options to configure URLs and search engine indexing
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Manage promotional areas
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Manage hidden FAQ’s, can exclude from search and browse
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Comprehensive analytics
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Delivered as a fully hosted solution or various options to integrate into your current website, social spaces or apps
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Desktop, tablet and mobile responsive
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Use your own domain / subdomain or one of ours
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Customise look and feel to reflect your brand (full theme styling)
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Add and manage third party tracking tags
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Add and manage page meta information
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Immediate set up, you can be up and running within minutes
Self-service open

Encourage self service

Use Malcolm! FAQ on your customer facing websites to encourage self service 24/7/365, make your customers happy and reduce support calls and tickets.

Team management

Assist your team

Malcolm! FAQ can also be used internally within your company or organisation to assist your contact centre teams or act as a knowledge base for initiatives, projects, departments, assets, products, services etc.

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