Malcolm! as a Platform

The technology platform that powers Malcolm! has been developed over several years by the team at Acknowledgement Ltd.

Since 2003 we’ve been designing & building systems that enable our clients to sell and service online. Many of those systems have been high availability, business critical applications responsible for transactions worth hundreds of millions of pounds. We love what we do and we’re very passionate about helping our clients transform their business via great sales and servicing software.

Over the coming months we’ll be adding many more features to Malcolm!, making it even more powerful and even better value for money. Customers on our enterprise plan get full API access to Malcolm! plus enhanced support from our technical team meaning there is an awful lot they can do with Malcolm! but if you’ve a particular requirement for a customer servicing system over and above what Malcolm! offers out of the box please get in touch for a chat. You may be pleasantly surprised at how rapid and cost effective bespoke development “on top” of the Malcolm! Platform is.

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