Malcolm! Workflow

Turn your routine customer service tasks into web based forms quickly and effortlessly with Malcolm! Workflow.

Create anything from a basic form to a complex multi-step customer journey. Start from scratch or use one of our pre-configured templates.
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Collect information from your customers, ask questions, record choices, receive uploaded files plus much more
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Manage validation, filters, contextual help & error messages
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Configure logic flows and routing via rules
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Break forms over multiple screens
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Progress bars
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Thank you screen
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User ratings and feedback
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Integrate with third parties including Dropbox, Mailchimp, Twilio, Zendesk, Mandrill (many more integrations coming soon!)
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Integrate with your own systems via webhooks
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Powerful and easy to use web based administration
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Build your workflows quickly and easily with our drag and drop workflow builder
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Library of ready made workflows to get you started
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Review all customer activity including completions & abandoned completions
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Manage email completion alerts
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Version control, draft and preview management
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Scheduled publishing
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Configure and manage your integrations with third parties including Dropbox, Mailchimp, Twilio, Zendesk, Mandrill (Many more integrations coming soon!)
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Export data any time
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Organise your Workflows internally with labels and favourites
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Manage internal users & their editing / publishing privileges, audit trail of all changes
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Internal approval management
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Search engine friendly with options to configure URLs and search engine indexing
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Delivered as a fully hosted solution or various options to integrate into your current website, social spaces or apps
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Desktop, tablet and mobile responsive
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Use your own domain / subdomain or one of ours
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Customise look and feel to reflect your brand (full theme styling)
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Add and manage third party tracking tags
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Add and manage page meta information
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Immediate set up, you can be up and running within minutes

Your data. Your way.

Malcolm! Workflow automatically stores all collected data. You can download it anytime and have it emailed to you. We can also pass data to your own systems in real time via a webhook and we also integrate with the following third party systems.


Many more integrations coming soon!

Turn all your customer service processes into powerful web journeys with Malcolm! Workflow

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